Travel Plus

Save up to $1,500
on travel every year Travel Plus gives you 5% cash back on flights, hotels, and rental cars – plus rebates on travel fees and extras.

Travel + Rewards

5% Cash Back on Reservations

Get away more — and save more. You get 5% cash back — up to $1,000 every membership year — when you book flights, hotels, and rental cars through Travel Plus!

Travel + Comfort

Up to $500 a Year in Travel Rebates

Check out our Terms of Service for a full list of travel service rebates.

Baggage Fees:Pack what you need, and get a rebate on your first checked bag.

Headphones:Treat yourself in the air with rebates on headphone fees.

In-Flight Meals:Dine more enjoyably with rebates on airline food charges.

Wi-Fi Access:Log on anywhere you go — we’ll pay you back for Wi-Fi access charges.

GPS Fees:Get to where you’re going for less with rebates on GPS equipment.

Travel + All the Extras Add something to your travels.