Travel Plus

At Travel Plus, we know that traveling is a useful and valuable pastime. Whether it involves flying out to see an old friend, coming together for a family event, or taking a much-needed and much-deserved vacation, the ability to cross great distances in a relatively short amount of time adds joy, peace of mind, and a sense of adventure to our lives.

It’s even better when we can go from here to there, and back again, with a little extra savings in our pockets.

That’s why we created Travel Plus: To enhance your travel experience by making every trip more affordable, convenient, and relaxing.

That’s why we offer you 5% cash back when you book your flights, hotel stays, and rental cars through Travel Plus.

That’s why we provide travel rebates for those little extras that make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, from in-flight movies and blankets to fitness center and late-checkout privileges at the hotel; from GPS service and baby seats in your rental car to Wi-Fi access wherever you go.

We’re focused on offering our subscribers the best possible experience — on their travels and with our program — and we’re fully committed to making Travel Plus the go-to destination for travel savings and satisfaction.