Travel Plus

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  • 5% Cash Back
  • Travel Rebates

Save on all your travel expenses

Travel Plus gives you 5% cash back when you book flights, hotels, and rental cars through our site. As a member, you can save up to $1,000 each membership year with 5% cash back on travel bookings.

You can also claim rebates on travel fees and extras, like in-flight upgrades, hotel conveniences, and rental car equipment. You can save up to $500 each membership year with travel rebates on all kinds of charges paid throughout your trip.

5% cash back on bookings

Wherever you’re headed – and however you get there – you’ll earn 5% cash back when you book through Travel Plus. Cut the costs of flights and rental cars or save more when you book that luxurious hotel stay. You can earn up to $1,000 in cash back on travel bookings each membership year.

We’ll send you a check for 5% cash back once the travel provider or merchant processes your payment. Cash back from your booking may not appear in your Savings History until after your trip is complete. View Cash Back Restrictions

Travel Rebates

Whether it’s in-flight WiFi, a late hotel check-out, or a baby seat for your rental car, you can get up to $5 back per charge with rebates from Travel Plus. You can collect up to $500 in savings each membership year by claiming rebates on all kinds of travel fees and extras.

We’ll send you a check for each travel rebate as soon as your claim is processed and approved. Please allow 3-6 weeks for rebate processing to occur before your check arrives. Rebate claims must be submitted through Travel Plus within 30 days of the original charge.